About Us

About Us

We met with Bozcaada, the Pearl of the Aegean in 2001, while on a 3 days holiday for the 30 august celebrations.

In the years following, our home in the Poyraz Limanı District became Nar Bağevi. Meanwhile we arranged the hosting and resting facilities at Nar Bağevi, planted vines and fruit trees in its 2 acres garden, and participated in this way to the natural life of the island.

In the same time, after the acquisition of the home of the Greek Mrs Despina in the Town Center of the island, Architect Kemal Furuncı took it under protection and formed Nar Adaevi. The home was restored in the frame of its architectural legacy, protecting the whole house’s original structure and Nar Adaevi was taken in service again for the island.

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