During your stay in Bozcaada, the pearl of the Aegean, would you prefer to stay in an historical greek mansion, located in the most beautiful street of the Greek District, or by the nature in a Vineyard House surrounded by olive and pomegranate trees and vineyards?

BOOKING AND INFORMATION: +90 555 573 33 79+90 286 697 00 08


Bozcaada was listed 55th in the 101 places to be seen in the world by the New York Times in 2017. With its preserved historical texture, vineyards, its coves and beaches free for swimming, and its restaurants it is like a dream.

After a trip in the vineyards, get to the Polente Cape where you will watch the sunset under the windmills, and take the breathe of the island in the restaurant and taverns of the greek and turkish districts. In summer, open the beach season on the golden sands of Ayazma Beach.

The turquoise sea of Bozcaada and its thin golden sand beaches are wonderful to visitors. The sea is very clean, sandy and calm. The water is generally cold but it is very relaxing in summer. The island’s best side is that even in windy conditions you can always find a beach or cove to sunbath and swim


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